David Perry challenges Sony to come out and say that the PSP 2 will have UMD

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As we’re Twitter whores here at Destructoid HQ, we quickly noticed David Perry’s (Earthworm Jim, Shiny) tweet about the PSP 2 and how it wouldn’t have a UMD drive slot.

After that made headlines, Sony’s John Koller took a shot back, saying that he “didn’t even know who the guy was until a month ago.” What’s of note is that Koller did not deny that the PSP 2 would lack the UMD drive. 

Now Perry is back at his tweeting device of choice, and is now calling out Sony. 

John Koller is publicly questioning my post about PSP 2… So I confirmed with top PSP 2 developers. John, state that PSP 2 will have UMD.

Sounds like a challenge, doesn’t it. I bet Koller will blow it off, saying something like ‘I don’t even know what Twitter is?’

Eurogamer is hearing the same things we are: that the PSP 2 could be announced at E3. If the system is truly that far along, then someone has to have seen it. My guess? Dave Perry knows what he’s talking about.

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