Dating sim action game Eternights brings love to the apocalypse


All’s fair in love and war

I love action games, and I love dating sims — how did it never occur to me that they could be one and the same? Eternights was announced during today’s State of Play, and promises to bring both the adventure and romance we’ve all been craving. The trailer shows off some fast-paced, energic hack-and-slash gameplay, which is contrasted by a few moments that show off a beautiful 2D art style, which is presumably where the dating part comes in. The cutscenes are also animated in the 2D art style, giving the game a gorgeous anime flair.

The gameplay will include dungeon-crawling, where players will encounter traps, puzzles, mini-games, and of course, plenty of enemies. We didn’t get a great look at what the dating sim part will look like quite yet, but at the very least we’ll be able to hold someone’s hand, so that’s something.

“As a storyteller, I’ve always wanted to mix a love story with adrenaline-driven action,” said Studio Sai founder Jae Yoo. “I wanted players to have a strong, personal reason to drive them forward in combat encounters and to feel they were fighting for more than just their own survival — they were fighting for those they love.”

Eternights will be available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC (on Steam and the Epic Games Store) in early 2023.

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