Dataminer uncovers hidden items and clothing options in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

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Getting sick of those same old clothing options in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds? Well, it’s very possible that more options, including suits of armor, are on the way. 

DevinWatson posted over on PUBG’s Reddit showing off some of these unreleased items, 54 in total.

Plenty of users on Reddit were quick to point out that the images could be placeholders or older ideas that never made it into the game. Still, it’s nice to dream of a PUBG match where I can dress like a Mass Effect character.

In addition to the armor and clothing options, things like a poison apple grenade type show up. You can check out the full gallery here.

PUBG dataminer uncovers armour suits, poison apples, leather dusters by poring over game files [PC Gamer]

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