Dark Void Web site updated with free stuff

The official Dark Void Web page has received an overhaul and with it comes a bunch of goodies for you, the fans! Members of the page will get:

  • Complete missions to earn points for swag and prizes including Capcom game packs, limited edition Will figurines and exclusive Dark Void swag you can’t get anywhere else!
  • Recruit friends for a chance to win an Xbox 360 console
  • Get up-to-the-minute news before anyone else
  • Sneak peeks at exclusive game reveals View developer video diaries for behind-the-scenes access
  • Provide direct feedback regarding swag, exclusive content, developer interaction, prizing, and more

Free stuff! Dark Void is a pretty fun game, even if it might make you hurl. Also, I’m glad the game was delayed until January next year. Seemed like the game needed some more work before it hits retail. Are any of you looking forward to Dark Void?

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