Dark Void trailer sheds some light on Capcom’s new IP

We’ve all been going a little Capcom crazy thanks to the company’s slew of exciting announcements, but getting lost in the news was the revelation of Dark Void, a brand new game from the house of Ryu that got overlooked mainly because there was no real information to go on.

A trailer, however, makes a world of difference and what do you know? It’s a dark, gritty sci-fi game … wow, we’ve never seen one of THOSE before. I hope the main character is angst-ridden, because it’s been ages since we’ve had a guy like that in a videogame. Sarcasm is the highest form of wit, by the way. 

Rampant cynicism aside, it does look like Dark Void could be fun, as it essentially seems to be a game about throwing men in masks around and wearing a jetpack — two of my favorite things in the whole world. Hopefully there are enough original gameplay elements and flying saucers to make up for a backdrop that’s become all-too familiar.

James Stephanie Sterling