Dark Souls trailer advises you to ‘prepare to die’

I have to say, just thinking about playing Dark Souls terrifies me. As someone who gets easily frustrated while playing videogames, the idea of Dark Souls‘ punishing gameplay seems like a recipe for an ulcer. However this new trailer makes the game look pretty enticing.

It’s not the first Dark Souls media I’ve seen, but man do those boss battles look impressive; that dragon is freaking huge! A giant wolf with a glowing sword in it’s mouth? Crazy! As death-phobic as I am in videogames, I am really tempted to get Dark Souls so I can take on some of these crazy enemies.

There’s some footage of some of the different classes and why did no one tell me there was the option to play as skull-faced, black clad Wolverine? Okay, as soon as I get some cash (and once I’ve played Skyrim), then Dark Souls is next on the list. Once I come round from hiding behind the couch, okay?

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