Dark Souls II’s DLC bosses are HARD

Who would have thought?

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Dark Souls II players aren’t doing so hot against the Fume Knight from the Crown of the Old Iron King DLC. According to stats released by From Software, 93% of attempts against him haven ended in miserable, abject failure.

GG Chosen Undead.

Personally, I haven’t had the pleasure of going up against the Fume Knight yet. I’ve been waiting for all of the DLC chapters to released before tearing into them, with the idea of making a new character to go through the ENTIRE game in one go. Seeing those stats though, I’m almost a little nervous to get started now!

As reported by IGN, of the five hardest bosses in the game (as determined by player failure), FOUR of them come from the DLC. Considering I already found Dark Souls II‘s main game to be a good degree harder than the original Dark Souls (eat a dick Smelter Demon), those four beasts must be real killers.

I make a point of going into the Souls games blind and try to figure things out on my own, at least my first go around, so I’ve kept myself intentionally in the dark when it comes to the DLC. Part of the “fun” of the Souls games is getting your ass handed to you repeatedly while you try to work out your own survival strategies. But it is nice to know that there will be an escape hatch of sorts available in the form of player guides, wikis, and YouTube tutorials if you hit a snag.

Oddly enough, the IGN article also mentions that the infamous Ruin Sentinels, a boss trio early in the game, is one of the most frequently fought boss encounters, with one of the highest player success rates. Personally, I always thought that fight was hard as balls. Maybe I’ll be needing that escape hatch sooner than I hope when I finally crack into the DLC and try my hand against the “hard” bosses.

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