Dark Souls III ‘turning point for the franchise,’ new projects planned

Planning ‘several new projects’

Dark Souls III is not the last game in the series, but it is a “turning point,” the last From Software game which began development before its new president took over in 2014.

Dark Souls is my life’s work,” From Software president and Souls-series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki told GameSpot. “Everything I came up with for Dark Souls III is based on my personal preferences. However, Dark Souls III is also actually the turning point for the franchise.”

Well, Miyazaki offered he, “definitely wants to bring the Miyazaki Touch,” to genres like mech and sci-fi. He wants to launch “several new projects,” in fact. “I do want to work on something new,” he said. “I’m pleased to hear people are interested in seeing that.”

Dark Souls Creator Planning to Launch “Several New Projects” [GameSpot]

Steven Hansen