Dark Sector developer and long-time Epic partner comments on Unreal Engine 3

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Mark Rein and company had better fortify the castle games. The criticisms of Epic Game’s Unreal Engine 3 continue to pour in, as Digtal Extreme’s Steven Sinclair has chimed in.

“A lot of promises were made about the Unreal III engine, particularly on the PS3,” he told Australian gaming Web site, Gameplayer. “But as we see now, the time frames haven’t been met and now a lot of games using it are being held up.”

Sinclair’s comments are particularly biting, considering Digital Extreme’s past relationship with Epic Games. These are the guys that developed the PC title, Epic Pinball (when Epic was ridiculously called Epic MegaGames), as well as having worked with Epic on a number of other high profile PC and console titles.

Their current project, Dark Sector (which should see release on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 before LA breaks off and falls into the ocean), uses the company’s custom “Sector Engine.”

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