Dante’s Inferno trailer is not what we expected the book to look like

OK, so let’s clear things up. Dante’s Inferno is Electronic Arts’ third-person action title that will be loosely-based on a portion of Dante Aligheri’s poem, The Divine Comedy

The written text is epic, and something that I won’t try to fully explain in a post on a videogame blog. So let’s go back for one second and I will repeat it — EA’s Dante’s Inferno is a third-person action that game will be loosely-based on the poem. Got it? OK, no more bitching about how EA is going to pervert the original text. Again, “third-person action” game. Check your expectations accordingly.

OK, then. Check out this new CG trailer of Dante’s Inferno that Eurogamer has up exclusively on their site, and then come back here. Now, without referencing Italian literature at all, what do you think of the trailer?

Nick Chester