Dante enters anger, hits things with his scythe

Another month and another layer of hell in the videogame version of Dante’s Inferno. This month brings us to Anger, in which things get really angry… or something. According to the devs anger means that you’ll be kicking a lot of butt on this level of hell, really just ripping loose. Thus the above video is all about the combat system and how it’s really fluid and cool.

Unlike previous levels of hell, this one isn’t standing out quite as much too me. Maybe it’s just that anger is a bit harder to encapsulate than the other levels, but maybe not. I’m actually more interested in next month and how they handle heresy since that seems like a much harder theme to handle in an interactive medium. So far no stunt for this month’s level and that means no tacos, but all members of the Dtoid staff have been put on high alert just in case this month’s stunt is an angry man punching anyone whose ever given an EA game a bad review in the face.

Matthew Razak