Dale North psyched about Fallout 3 360 Avatar items

Some new Fallout 3 Avatar items are making their way to Xbox Live Marketplace this coming Thursday. You’ll be able to pick up your own Vault 101 jumpsuit, an array of other t-shirts and the incomparably creepy “Vault Boy” head and matching cartoonish suit.

I don’t hate Avatars but I’ve yet to find any real benefit to them other than another excuse for microtransactions. Yet, I always knew in my heart that these items would come down the pipe eventually and that would cave and buy a vault suit. I mean, I’ve wasted $3 on less worthwhile crap (hard as that may be to imagine).

The full listing of Avatar items and their price in Microsoft Spacebucks is after the jump. Anybody else going to make the likely regrettable decision to support the continued proliferation of this crap?



  • Vault 101 Suit –   240 MS Points
  • Bethesda Game Studios Shirt — 80 MS Points
  • Fallout 3 Ringer Shirt –  80 MS Points
  • Vault Boy Shirt  — 80 MS Points
  • Vault Boy Suit — 240 MS Points
  • Vault Boy Head — 80 MS Points


Conrad Zimmerman