What are you calling your cult in Cult of the Lamb?

Cult of the Lamb is the default name

You won’t immediately name it, so there’s time

Not far into Cult of the Lamb, you’ll be presented with a surprisingly tough decision: what to name your blossoming cult. Coming up with a fitting name for the individual animal cultists is easy enough — let’s be honest, they’re highly replaceable — but picking out a catchy, long-lasting name for the whole group? Once again, I struggled to decide.

If you aren’t feeling original, that’s okay — you can stick with “Cult of the Lamb.” I did.

And if you’re just digging into the beginning of the game, you’ve got a while to think it over. The cult-naming decision doesn’t happen until you’ve successfully run through Cult of the Lamb‘s first dungeon biome a few times. After you’ve performed a ritual for your flock and handled some other tutorial tasks, you’ll see a quest bubble above a villager’s head.

You can name your cult whatever
“Cult of the Lamb” is the default name.

You can follow the “Cult of the _” pattern or name your righteous organization whatever you please. (I just typed those question marks for this screenshot.)

My second time through the game, I… still couldn’t think of anything good.

So I took a cue from Destructoid reader Trevlyn. Let’s jam.

The Cult of Personality
Whatever you go with, the cultists have no choice but to love it.

Business as usual. I’m the kind of player who goes with “Red” or “Gold” in Pokémon, and I refuse to rename the EarthBound crew. As funny as it is to see other players call themselves something crass for the sake of funny dialogue, I am physically incapable.

Let us know if you have any ideas to spare

Cult of the Lamb is a wacky, not-too-serious game, so you could go in a bunch of different directions with your cult name, whether you draw from the real world, lean into the animal kingdom, take a dirty note from Quiplash, or find inspiration somewhere obscure.

I’m curious to hear what you come up with!

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