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Cuisineer is simmering for a Summer 2023 release

Gluttony ho!

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XSEED and Marvelous Europe have announced that they will be publishing BattleBrew Productions’ dungeon-crawling cooking title, Cuisineer, this summer. If you’re planning on watching the trailer, I feel I must warn you: it might make you hungry.

Cuisineer will combine the horrors of the food-service industry with the pleasures of dungeon crawling. Playing as cute-as-heck aspiring chef, Pom, you will plumb the dark recesses of the world for ingredients to serve to your customers. You’ll weaponize your utensils to take on bigger, badder bosses in an effort to build the best recipes for your discerning customers.

I’m sorry, I’m a bit distracted here. I keep looking at the food.

Beyond ingredients, dungeon diving will net you gold, items, and additional recipes. The dungeons are procedurally assembled, giving you something new each time you plumb them. As you gather wealth and renown, you’ll expand your restaurant so you can serve more customers and thereby gather even more wealth and renown.

This is cute. This reminds me of 2010’s Recettear in its combination of dungeon diving and business management. The gameplay loop of setting out into the world and returning to reap the rewards is an addicting one. Better yet, I’m enamored by the graphics. Not just the food, but just the bright colorfulness of its all, its chibi characters, and the pleasant-looking towns. Also, the food. I’m not hungry right now, but the way the highlights are drawn on those meals makes me want to eat and deal with the consequences later.

Cuisineer will be coming to PC in Summer, 2023.

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