Recettear sold 100k, Carpe Fulgur reveals next game

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Andrew Dice has written an informative post on Carpe Fulgur’s blog regarding sales of the developer’s first release, Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale, which broke 100,000 copies sold via Steam in December. Speaking candidly, Dice explains that while the number is a surprising achievement for the localization of a Japanese independent game, it doesn’t mean that Carpe Fulgur is swimming in Scrooge McDuck’s vault as promotional discounts and licensing payouts cut significantly into profits.

None of this is to say that the game has not been successful for the company, as Dice claims that they will be able to continue operations through 2011 due to the title’s performance. Their work has also caught the eye of other Japanese developers who have expressed interest in working with them on localization of their games, and Carpe Fulgur may even be in a position to expand into console development.

Finally, Dice slipped in an announcement of the next project coming from the team. Carpe Fulgur’s next project is another game from Recettear developer EasyGameStation, a third-person action title named Chantelise expected to release in 2011.

100,000 Copies Sold and What That Means [Der Dräkblög via Siliconera]

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