Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown takes to Early Access today

$30 for your hunting permit

Hunt: Showdown has banished its closed alpha to hell, and the bounty is an Early Access release. Crytek’s cooperative everything-in-the-environment-will-kill-you-but-all-the-other-players-will-kill-you-also monster shooter is now officially a product that can be purchased.

Just today, Crytek has made Hunt: Showdown available to buy on Steam Early Access for $30. As these things go, that means it’s for sale but also unfinished. Anyone who’s fine with that trade-off can follow the game through all remaining steps of development. Really maximizes the amount of hunting and showdowning.

As we’ve learned over the past half year or so, we’re quite enamored with Hunt: Showdown. Our time at E3 was enough for us to award it a Game of Show nomination. More recently, me and Jordan spent some time murdering everything in the swamp during the alpha

Hunt: Showdown [Steam]

Brett Makedonski
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