Crysis 2 writer thinks Halo is full of ‘bullsh*t’

Halo can be a divisive game, but there’s no denying that it has its fans, many of which consider the franchise’s narrative to be a grand and engrossing sci-fi epic. Unfortunately, Crysis 2‘s lead writer, Richard Morgan, disagrees. He thinks the game is full of bullsh*t.

Morgan was asked about how hard it is to create a believable character whose face is hidden by a helmet. He argued that the helmet isn’t the problem, and offered Master Chief as an example: “I don’t like Halo at all. The reason that its fiction doesn’t work has nothing to do with the fact that you don’t get to see Master Chief’s face; it’s because of lines like ‘Okay … I’m gonna get up there and kill those guys.’

“… Halo is full of these bullsh*t archetypal characters.”

Morgan also added that Bungie’s flagship series has “no real emotional effect” thanks to its stock characters and corny dialog. Hopefully this accomplished author can put his money where his mouth is and craft a terrific story with Crysis 2. He’s just laid down the gauntlet, and anything less than total success will now be unacceptable. 

Crysis 2 Lead Writer: ‘Halo Is Bullsh*t’ [NowGamer]

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