Crusader Kings III’s next expansion tackles Tours and Tournaments in May

Crusader Kings III expansion Tours and Tournaments

That’s right, it’s a Tournament arc

Crusader Kings III is setting out for some new festivities in May. The next Crusader Kings III expansion, dubbed Tours and Tournaments, debuts on May 11, 2023.

While Crusader Kings has had plenty of courtroom drama, this particular expansion looks to add some pageantry to all of it. Host a royal wedding! It’s never gone poorly for anyone, ever. Head out on tour, or yes, even hold your own tournament. I’m sure leaving your kingdom in the hands of a cunning and ambitious seat-warmer will certainly turn out fine.

It’s not all just events planning, though. The new travel system will include route planning, which means determining how fast you want to travel versus how safe your charted course will be.

Additionally, Knightly Accolades are getting a spotlight, as are some new armor designs and clothing. Fashion is crucial, even at a sometimes bloody tournament.

Expanding your borders

The Tours and Tournaments expansion for Crusader Kings III will go for $29.99, and will launch alongside a “major” free update for all CKIII players. Or, if you prefer a more deluxe route, you can also pick up the Chapter II pack.

The Chapter Packs for Crusader Kings III tie in a few extra updates, big and small, for $34.99. Picking that up now will immediately garner the Elegance of the Empire Pack, with historic regalia inspired by real-life rulers. Further on down the road, alongside Tours and Tournaments, Chapter II pack-owners will get the Wards and Wardens Pack as well as the Legacy of Persia pack.

Basically, a lot more grand strategy is on the way for a pretty solid grand strategy game, from what I’ve heard. Tours and Tournaments arrive for Crusader Kings III on May 11.

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