Crunchyroll, YouTube, and Niconico apps to shut down on Wii U this year

Wii U YouTube

I like this lengthy eulogy the Wii U is getting

While the 3DS is shutting down its eShop early next year, another marketplace is dying a slow death. The Wii U YouTube app now has an end-of-life date, and so do two other services on the console.

As pointed out by Nintendo Everything, the YouTube support page for the Wii U was recently updated, stating: “Note: The YouTube app is no longer available for new downloads from the Wii U eShop due to Nintendo’s upcoming discontinuation. Starting in October, the YouTube app will no longer be available on Wii U devices. Viewers can still enjoy YouTube on Nintendo Switch devices.” Although the 3DS and Wii U shutdown is March 27, 2023, a few companies are getting things started a little earlier (to prepare for the other phase of the shutdown, where on August 29, 2022, you can’t use Nintendo eShop card funds on both marketplaces).

Crunchyroll is doing the same thing, as this Twitter user has revealed: they sent out an email to Wii U users that service was ending on August 29, 2022. Finally, Niconico has a page up similar to Google, which talks about the end of service, mostly for the 3DS app, which has been in operation since 2014.

It all makes sense, it’s just rare to be able to talk about the two systems these days: so I’m going to take every opportunity. Also, the below “we’re sad to see you go” image from Niconico is great. To see anyone even recognize the 3DS and Wii U in 2022 warms my heart.

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