Crossing Souls Kickstarter down to the wire, may come to PS4 and Vita

With less than $5,000 left to go, they may just pull this off

From the first time I saw footage of Fourattic’s nostalgia-bomb of an adventure game Crossing Souls on Kickstarter, I knew something special was going on. Apparently, so did Devolver Digital, as the publisher stepped in early to offer assistance with quality assurance, marketing, and other cost-prohibitive factors if the title managed to reach its modest funding goal of $45,000.

Here we are, less than a week to go and surprisingly the title still hasn’t hit the magic number. Honestly, I’m somewhat flummoxed as to why. Crossing Souls looks to me like it has the potential to capture some of that authentic ’80s charm I lovingly associate with films from the era like The Goonies while at the same time rocking a gorgeous pixel art style that seems a perfect fit among Devolver’s other neo-retro titles.

While nothing’s an absolute certainty at this point, it is looking likely that PS4 and perhaps Vita ports of the game may come about after the PC, Mac, and Linux versions are completed. In a recent email with the developers, Fourattic mentioned they’ve been in talks with Devolver about bringing the game over to Sony hardware, with the indie-friendly console manufacturer showing an early interest in seeing the title ported over.

Perhaps it’s a sign of Kickstarter fatigue setting in; or, as suggested by the development team, perhaps the Holidays are just a particularly tough time to launch a crowdfunding campaign. In any case, I’m hopeful they will pull through during this last week and make Crossing Souls a success.

Rob Morrow