Crisis: Wii pole dancing game struggling to find publisher

Good people of America, we face a national emergency, the likes of which has not been seen since 9/11 — Peekaboo Pole Dancing does NOT have a publisher for its Wii game.

The company, known for its Carmen Electra-branded poledancing kit — The Electrapole — announced its plans to bring this time-honored tradition to Wii consoles across the nation earlier this year. MTV’s Tracey John is a big fan of female degradation and visits all manner of illicit sex houses frequently, so she caught up with Peekaboo Pole Dancing to see how their game is getting on. 

“We have not managed to tie up a deal for this yet but we still remain hopeful,” stated a rep. “We have, however, connected with a company that is manufacturing a peripheral product and we are investigating mutual publishing opportunities. Please feel free to give a shout out to any developers or publishers who want to give this a crack. [The game] just needs someone with a little nerve.”

Have nerve? Want crack? Contact Simon Kay at Peekaboo Pole Dancing. I’m looking at YOU, Tecmo. I know you love that stuff. 

Jim Sterling