Creature Keeper is a Zelda-inspired adventure about taming monsters

Coming to PC in 2021

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The darling action-adventure RPG Creature Keeper won me over with an early trailer, but now it’s back with way more details to coincide with a just-launched Kickstarter campaign. It still looks great! Anyone who can appreciate the three Cs cooking, collecting, and combat should take a look at the pitch.

I’m willing to put up with some less-than-ideal combat in video games that let me amass a horde of critters to do my biding, but actually, Creature Keeper looks ace on that front too. The fighting is surprisingly nimble. Fervir, the designer, is taking cues from Zelda, Rune Factory, and Path of Exile.

Building on what we covered last time, Creature Keeper will have 50 different creatures to feed, befriend, and power up, along with some neat ideas like the Pocket Garden, a way to grow seeds for “buffs, equipment, items, consumables, creature parts, and more” while you’re out adventuring.

With the Kickstarter, we also now have a better look at some of the creatures themselves. The frog-like Amphibole seems like the star of the show, but then again, I kinda just want to release the bees.

“As a one-person team, a successful Kickstarter gives me the option to work on my game full-time from now until its completion; otherwise, I’d have to find part-time gigs, setting back the release,” wrote Fervir. “The goal of $30,000 is the minimum I need to make the game, and every dollar beyond that will expand my options to secure the game’s completion and enhance the completed game.”

The developer’s last project, Tangledeep, turned out rather well. Even though the 2021 release window feels like a lifetime away, I’m excited for this, y’all. It checks off some tantalizing boxes.

You can play the Creature Keeper demo on PC no Kickstarter pledge needed.

Creature Keeper [Kickstarter]

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