Create Mario Paint symphonies on your desktop with Mario Composer

Mario Paint is amazing.

While all the different features of the Super Nintendo classic are great, there is a special place in my heart for the music generator. Using various symbols on a standard musical staff, players can create wacky compositions using sound effects ranging from basic trumpet to hilarious meowing cat. Trust me, hearing “Jingle Bells” in dog barks and Yoshi, er, yaps (?) is hilarious every time.

Now, with Mario Composer — a freeware application — anyone can download the hopelessly addictive music maker to his/her Mac or PC desktop. It may be dated, but it is just as much fun as you remember.

Even if you don’t possess any musical skills whatsoever, click here to download the free program. It is totally worth it for the nostalgia alone.

If only the site included the fly-swatter mini-game …

[Via Lifehacker]

Chad Concelmo