Crackdown 3 has a teaser site, and it hints at a beta soon

We’ll probably know more tomorrow

Now there’s basically no doubt that Crackdown 3 will be shown tomorrow in some capacity for Microsoft’s E3 press conference.

An astute reader sent us a teaser site for the game, which has multiple “missions” (complete with dates). Based on previous, similar campaigns, this could be a lead-in for a social push that may launch a beta at some point (the phrasing of “BETA_INIT” seems to hint at this too). The last shown date is July 7. We knew a beta was coming in summer of 2016, we just don’t know exactly when.

Having come around to the Crackdown series over time, I’m in for this. Saints Row IV nailed that goofy flying/leaping around an open world feel, but I’ll absolutely take a new game, especially if it feels like a current-gen experience (cloud computing hype, don’t fail me now!).

Crackdown 3 [] Thanks Joe!

Chris Carter
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