Crackdown 2 first details: Zombie mutants confirmed

The latest Game Informer is stuffed with information about the Xbox 360’s upcoming superpowered crime fighter Crackdown 2, and the first details have spilled onto the Internet like so much baked bean juice on a white wedding dress.

Crackdown 2 revolves around a three-way war between The Agency, a race of infected zombie-like mutants and a civil uprising of angry rebellions who feel the government have failed them. The big news is that Pacific City, the setting of the original Crackdown, remains largely unchanged, with the same familiar map as before. That said, a number of roads and buildings have been demolished since we last saw the place. 

As with Crackdown, players will be able to level up their crime fighters and hunt for skill orbs. A wider range of melee attacks will be available this time around, and you will also be able to call in for supplies at any time. In addition, a “more precise” targeting system has been implemented too, with rewards available to skilled shooters. 

The vehicle roster has expanded, with helicopters now available, and new weaponry includes an upgraded shotgun, a railgun and sticky grenades. Four-player co-op will be catered to with mounted gun turrets on vehicles to accommodate comrades, while 16-player deathmatches are said to be very fun and posses a Call of Duty-style level system. 

Finally, the city will decay throughout the course of the game thanks to this infection, while civilians will be more dynamic, offering to sell you goods and providing rescue opportunities. They’ll also be carrying their own weapons and driving armored vehicles to protect themselves. 

What do you make of that lot, then? Excited yet?

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