Could we see Kinect-type tech in TVs and PCs?

Whether you care for Microsoft’s Kinect or not, the fact of the matter is that the technology inside the device is pretty damn cool. Thanks can be given to PrimeSense, an Israeli company that developed the technology. In a discussion with Engadget, VP Adi Berenson mentioned that controller-less motion controls will be coming to PCs and television sets. Not exactly Kinect-branded devices, these computers and TVs would have the same sort of technology as Microsoft’s lil’ camera that could.

And pretty quickly too, as Berenson said that there will be set-top cable box with motion control coming by Summer of 2011. However, Microsoft did bring some of their own ideas to the table, such as the microphone and motorized tilt, so these TVs and PCs won’t be rocking that tech. Personally, I think I might be a little disappointed if I buy a Kinect device, then get a TV and a PC supporting the same tech, and not having any cross-over. I hope Microsoft and PrimeSense have a little bit of forethought with that one.

[Source: Engadget via G4TV]

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