Cortana and the Chief appear in these Halo 4 screenshots

As seen on All Games Beta, a fair amount of Halo 4 media — including screenshots, character renders, and concept art — has been floating around the Internet. I had hoped our resident Halo fanboy Hamza would be the one to bring enthusiastic coverage of this stuff, but he’s a jerk.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that this latest installment is easy on the eyes. Maybe it’s the range of colors used, maybe it’s some other quality; for whatever reason, the Halo series has always looked pretty good in still images.

On that note, I’ve always found Grunts to be about as scary as the Ghoulies, but this new design for Halo 4 is freakin’ terrifying. Kill it with fire!

Halo 4 [All Games Beta]

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