Contests: winners for our Persona 4 ‘show us your persona’ announced

Back when we launched this contest, I told you straight away that I’d hate whoever won this prize pack. I’d kill (but not steal) for this stuff, especially the calendar and Japanese art book. But the entries were so great that I don’t want to use the word hate. How about dislike?

You won’t care what I think about you when you open up your box of sexy Persona 4 swag, courtesy of Atlus. Before we get to it, we’ll say that there were a lot of great incredible entries, so it’s worth your time scrolling through the 180+ posts in the contest comments. Thanks to all that entered.

Togail, DragonFruits, Anviltongue, MoreHandClaps, and TripleC: We would be honored to call any of your personas in battle:

Togail, OH MY GOD.  Amazing work on both, but we liked Oll’nblaeptos the Star Breather more. DragonFruits, hats off for actually giving both of your fantastic entries Arcana types. We loved Croqui of the Chariot arcana best. They both look like something straight out of Persona 5. TripleC, summoning your happy/cute Buddha is good for our soul. Anviltongue, you’re a guy after our own heart. The Mr. Destructoid persona wouldn’t be very strong, though. He’d just drink a lot and spam pervy internet images. And finally, MoreHandClaps, we don’t know which one of your images we like more. The bondage girl is amazing, but we also dig Abe and his chest hair. We take our top hat off to you.

Honorable mentions: boomfasa? HAHAHAHHA! And Iwelyk? Very nice, though maybe a bit of a spoiler.

All winners, be sure to contact our tips line with your mailing information so we can get your prizes off to you. I still hate you, though! Everyone, be sure to check out the gallery of entries from our winners.

Dale North