Contest: Win Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight for Switch

Take to the not-so-friendly skies

Put on your flying cap and scarf for today’s contest: Win a Switch copy of Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight.

As I said in the lead-in, I think every pilot should have a leather cap and long, red scarf. If they don’t, I refuse to get on their plane. It’s as simple as that. You wouldn’t go to a barber shop if they weren’t wearing a pinstriped apron, or receive services from a plumber who wasn’t showing the crack of his butt — so why should you settle for any less from your pilots?

So if you win a Switch copy of Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight, I must insist you prove you own these things to receive your key. Look, I don’t make the rules, I ju– actually, I do make the rules.

Use your eyes and heart to read this description:

In Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight, you take control of over 30 historical airplanes — from classic fighters to light and heavy bombers. The Spitfire, Hurricane, Lancaster, II-2 “Shturmovik,” La-5FN, Ju-87 “Stuka,” and Fw 200 “Condor” are just some of the many beautiful machines you can fly, repaint, customize and upgrade.

Play through varied missions in each of the available campaigns: experience deadly encounters with enemy fighters; protect ground structures from bombers; fight over the sea to weaken enemy navy; and pilot bombers to destroy strategic targets. These are only a few examples of a dozen mission types you will experience in the beautiful landscapes of Europe, Africa, and Asia. Pick the best planes and pilots for the job, and fly over the icy Russian tundra or the sunny deserts of Egypt.

Build your base — construct additional hangars and structures for your pilots and crew. Ensure their safety by building anti-aircraft artillery and barrage balloons. Develop your management skills to cut costs and manage your unit more efficiently, and become the ultimate squadron leader.

Appropriate pilot dress is very, very important to me.

To enter to win your copy, tell us below what profession’s outfit is most important to you. Aside of pilots, of course. Like if a doctor doesn’t have one of those headband things with the shiny disc on the front, I refuse to let him or her examine my prostate. Look, I don’t make the rules, I ju– oh, yeah, I make these rules, too.

I actually didn’t make these rules, though. We have three Switch keys to give out. They’re for North American eShop accounts, only. Winners will be drawn on Wednesday, February 27. Don’t have an account? Sign up here so you can discuss professional attire with us!

Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight is available now for Nintendo Switch. Head over to Nintendo Enthusiast for more chances to win!

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