Contest: Win this Dragon’s Lair x RepliCade fully-functional mini arcade cabinet

This runs off a laserdisc, y’all

In today’s contest, you can win this officially licensed Dragon’s Lair x RepliCade 1/6 scale arcade cabinet!

So, how many of you remember pumping quarters into Dragon’s Lair just to die, over and over and over again? I remember seeing it in arcades, but never got around to playing it, myself. Guess I saved my parents quite a bit of spare change!

New Wave Toys have taken the classic arcade cabinet and shrunk it down to just a foot tall — but don’t worry, as it still plays the original arcade ROM. This beauty runs on a working mini laser disc, comes complete with little tokens, and best of all, can be plugged into a TV! Fan of the original or not, this is a really awesome collector’s item that you can win totally free from your pals here at Dtoid!

Draagon's Lair x RepliCade arcade cabinet contest win

This is the real deal, you guys. Officially licensed by Digital Leisure and Dragon’s Lair LLC, this 1/6 scale arcade cabinet runs the original laserdisc ROM found in the arcade to perfectly recreate the classic experience, at just a foot tall! All original sights and sounds are here, plus HDTV and external joystick connectivity to enjoy the game on the big screen. Check out some official features:

  • Plays the original 1983 Dragon’s Lair arcade game
  • Fully functional secondary scoreboard displays player’s scores, lives, and credits
  • Traditional 4:3 Aspect Ratio on a gorgeous 4.2-inch screen
  • Arcade Operator’s Menu featuring dip switch settings and cabinet controls
  • Miniaturized 1/6 scale control panel featuring authentic ball-top joystick and action buttons
  • Cabinet constructed from premium materials: wood, metal, and plastic
  • Raised letter metal coin door with storage compartment
  • Illuminated marquee and LED cabinet accents
  • Signature amplified multi-speaker audio reproduction with volume control
  • High-resolution cabinet art reproduction on quality 3M vinyl overlays
  • Built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • HDTV Connectivity
  • USB Controller Support
  • Mini Laserdisc player replica with rear cab storage drawer
  • 100 Day New Wave Factory Warranty

This isn’t the biggest thing we’ve given away, but it’s definitely one of the coolest!

New Waves Toys pulled out all the stops on this premium package, which comes with everything you see above including:

  • Replica LaserDisc Player with Remote Control
  • Replica LaserDisc & Sleeve
  • Micro USB Charge Cable
  • Replica Operator’s Manual
  • 4x Mini Tokens
  • Daphne Kickplate Decal

You know what to do! Use the widget to enter, and be sure to check in daily for extra entries. Click around, follow stuff, and answer my stupid question to earn even more chances to win.

We have one unit to give away; we’ll draw a winner next Friday. As this is a physical prize, you must have a United States shipping address in order to win. Rules and regulations apply, yadda yadda yadda.

The Dragon’s Lair x RepliCade mini arcade cabinet is available now from New Wave Toys.

Contest: Win this Dragon’s Lair x RepliCade fully-functional mini arcade cabinet

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