Contest: Win Guild Wars 2 Complete Collection for Steam

Win Guild Wars 2

After 10 years can’t we make Guild Peace instead of Guild War?

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If you started playing Guild Wars 2 back in 2012, did you ever think you’d still be playing today? Hell, I can’t make it ten hours through a game, let alone spend a whole decade playing through! But I digress — I still pop in Skyrim from time to time, so I think I know what all you warring guild fans go through. I feel your pain.

Well, today you can turn that pain into pleasure by winning a Steam copy of Guild Wars 2 Complete Collection! This new bundle just dropped featuring all three main expansions, all five episodic seasons of Living World, and more than 10 years’ worth of story and content! So if you’re an old vet or new to the series, you’ve got plenty of game waiting for you! Come win it, y’all.

Guild Wars 2 Complete Collection

My guild, The Lollipop Guild, discourages me from promoting other guilds so you’ll have to let this official write-up do for now.

That’s right! The award-winning Guild Wars 2 is live on Steam, marking the first time the critically-acclaimed MMORPG will be available on a third-party platform. To coincide with the launch, a content bundle, the Guild Wars 2 Complete Collection, is now available and Destructoid is giving away five codes to five lucky winners. Priced at $99.97, the bundle lets players experience the first 10 years of Guild Wars 2 in one package, including; all three expansions (Heart of ThornsPath of FireEnd of Dragons), and all five seasons of the game’s episodic Living World content.

Take a quick tour through Tyria’s history and catch a glimpse into what the Guild Wars 2 Complete Collection has to offer in this latest trailer.

I’ve never played this one but I watched the trailer, and there’s a lot going on! You can pick between five races, including but not limited to Human, Ember, and Refrigerator with Helmet, which I think is really forward-thinking. There are also a dozen jobs to take on, such as Paladin, Lancer, Firefighter, Sous Chef, and my personal favorite, Secretary to the Historian. They really went all out with this one, folks!

Win Guild Wars 2 Complete Collection for Steam
This is my character, an Accoutred Canine named Bharkin, and my trusty manservant Luis de Gallo.

How To Win

Entering to win is easier than firing up this free-to-play game and hopping into the fray — all you have to do is leave your name and email address below. That’s it. You can earn bonus entries by completing other steps, and by sharing this contest with your friends.

We have five Steam copies of the complete collection to give away; you must have a Steam account and functioning soul to redeem. It is not recommended you play as a Human with a job in IT. Trust us on this one, you’re in for a bad time if you go this route.

Guild Wars 2 Complete Collection is available now for Steam.

Contest: Win Guild Wars 2 Complete Collection for Steam

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