Contest: Win a Switch copy of Golf Peaks


Puzzle me this with today’s contest for Golf Peaks for Switch.

Golf itself is stupid, but I’ve always enjoyed golf video games. Weird, right? It’s like, I can drink as much at home playing virtual golf as I would on a real golf course, for like 1/20 of the cost. And no one asks me to leave!

Except my ex wife.

Uh, anyway, win a Switch copy of Golf Peaks!

Ok read this description first. It’s in my contract.

No understanding of golf is required – just grab your controllers and conquer the mountain peaks by making your way to the hole, however not in the usual skill-shot based style. Instead, plan your strategy and use action cards to move the ball! Solve over 100 enjoyable yet challenging puzzles accompanied by relaxing music and minimalist, eye-pleasing graphics and conquer the summits!

The title uniquely combines entertaining logic-game mechanics with an easy-to-learn card-based movement system, providing the player with numerous action cards. The minimalist visuals accompanied by a relaxing soundtrack makes Golf Peaks a mind-soothing experience!

Ok, did you read that? I’m in the clear. So, this image is on the eShop page:

What the fuck is that? What’s driving that golf cart? That’s what I want to know. Tell us what the fuck that thing is. Why is it driving that cart? Does it have a driver’s license? What is it doing on Earth? Tell us below. That’s how you enter this contest. 

We have three Switch keys to give out. They’re for North American eShop accounts, only. Winners will be drawn on Thursday, March 14. Make sure you comment using a Dtoid account with your current email address on file. New users can sign up here to opine on what the shit that thing is. I surely don’t know.

Golf Peaks will be available on Nintendo Switch on March 14. Head over to Nintendo Enthusiast for more chances to win.

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