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Thanks to Daniel Doan from Blackshell Games, we have 50 copies of their game Overture to give away! What is Overture, you ask? Well check out this blurb, taken from the game’s wiki page:

“Overture is a strategic real-time monster slaying and dungeon crawling adventure set in a retro ASCII-art world. The game puts players in control of one of twenty-four playable characters, with the goal of traversing vast dungeons. After selecting a character, the player is thrust in the game world and is encouraged to explore the sprawling dungeon before being led to the floor down to the next dungeon. addition to the main storyline. On their adventure, players must defeat many different types of enemies, ranging from slimes, to skeletons and goblins. The game has permadeath, so when the player dies in the game, there isn’t an option to respawn.

Players will engage in battle with various beasts in these areas via a straightforward albeit strategic combat system consisting of mouse buttons in conjunction with properly timed running. Winning battles grants the player gold, experience points, and sometimes, various items. In addition to the combat, players can also explore the world and rescue various non-player characters throughout the game. These NPCs will follow the player around, assisting with combat.”

I have personally been playing it off and on since release and love it myself. Very fun game (IMO) that you can sit down with for five minutes or an hour. Great crunchy feel to everything as well. For awhile I was bouncing between it and the companies other game: SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition. They compliment each other quite nicely.

So, what do you have to do to win a copy?

  • Copy this text: RT and follow @Dtoid and @blackshellgames for a chance to win #Overture!
  • Paste it in your Twitter and send out the tweet.
  • Link to the tweet in the comments below! That’s it. 
  • Contest ends 6/3/15, Good luck!
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