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SanctuaryRPG is now out on Steam Early Access


Best $5 you can spend today

SanctuaryRPG, which has been available on itch.io for some time, has now made its way to Steam as SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition. It's an ASCII RPG with an approachable, yet intricate and rewarding battle system and light-hearted writing. Personally, I'd recommend it to pretty much everyone, regardless of whether or not you are nostalgic for ASCII graphics or old-school RPGs.

Plus, it's only $5! The original version has had many updates since its release, and the Black Edition seems to have all that plus more. The "Early Access" tag is interesting, since after playing the original version, it definitely feels like a very complete game. The developers mention on the Steam page that the game will be in EA for "two months" and that this version just needs a bit more "polish and content." I can say from experience that the game feels very complete, and that spending the $5 won't leave you feeling gypped. 

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