Contest: Let these cats ruin your life in VR with a free copy of Kitten’d

PSVR, Steam, and Oculus Store keys!

Today’s contest features a life-ruining experience — take care of cats with a PSVR or PC copy of Kitten’d!

Cats are assholes. They are. But honestly, I’m coming around. I’ve left my old place with my roommate’s asshole cat and moved in with a beautiful, wonderful, incredible woman (shout out to Heston on this one)…and her two cats. I was nervous at first, sure, but Frank and Dean have become my children. It’s weird and wonderful, and folks — I’m becoming a cat person.

Celebrate my transformation into a cat lover by winning a VR copy of Kitten’d, the recently-released cat-ownership simulator. We’ve got some PSVR and PC copies to give away so you, too can join me in holy catrimony.

Read this description of the game, and let your anxiety flare up at the thought of your new kids barfing behind the couch!

Take care of cute kittens – lots and lots of cute kittens! Get points for keeping them happy and lose points for everything they destroy. Use points to upgrade your tools. Get an automatic food dispenser or clean up poop faster with the PoopScoop 3000! What awaits inside the next box?! Or just hang out and play with lots of cute kittens in the more relaxed sandbox mode.

The idea for Kitten’d is loosely based on a recurring dream one of our developers had. In this dream more and more kittens entered his apartment from a hole in the wall. As the number of kittens grew so did the stress of this poor dev, but he also felt very happy because, you know, free kittens! This was later turned into the idea of an arcade-style game where you take care of a lot of kittens for a short time and get scored on your performance when the time runs out.

  • Take care of an overwhelming amount of kittens!
  • 8 super cute kitten breeds with unique characteristics.
  • 28 wacky levels on 4 worlds.
  • Rewarding fast-paced family friendly gameplay.
  • Relaxed sandbox mode! Take care of your own virtual pets.
  • See the kittens eat, play and destroy your home in stunning VR.

The story behind this one is really great, so I’m glad I got to share that with everyone. Also, cats destroying your home is a key feature of this game. Sounds about right!

To enter to win your copy, use the widget below to leave your name and email address. You can enter daily. I’ve also litter[box]ed the widget with other ways to earn bonus entries, so have fun!

We have three PSVR (NA and EU) keys, as well as three Steam and three Oculus Store keys to give away. Winners will be drawn Monday, December 2. Meow!

Kitten’d is available now for PSVR, Steam, and Oculus.

Dtoid Contest: Let these cats ruin your life in VR with a free copy of Kitten’d

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