Console sales falling in Japan, Nintendo panics and jumps out of a window

According to data, the Japanese hardware sales week ended on August 24 shows a fall in console and handheld sales.

The Wii sold a mere 35,173 unit compared to its previous mark of 53,036 last week. The PlayStation 3 sold 9020 units, compared to its 11, 393 and the Xbox 360 is apparently back on the shelf and selling terribly as usual. Microsoft managed to sell 3,555 units compared to its blisteringly hot 7,358 of last week.

The Nintendo DS sold 55,995 units — which is lower than the 78,666 if my math is correct — and the PlayStation Portable sold 47,604 units as opposed to the 64,413 units of last week. Also, sales of the SNES outsold everything by shifting 995,014 units this week.

I am perpetually in awe over how many people are still buying handhelds. Will Brain Age or Patapon ever get stale?

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