Confused console is confused: Introducing the PX-3600

There may not be that many knock-off consoles on American shores (although there are some, should you be looking for them hard enough you will find them,) but venture into Hong Kong and you’ll suddenly find more faux console options than pleather Louis Vuitton handbags. Enter Cheer-Tech industries, a company name that makes me envision hundreds of solemnly suited Chinese men and women standing up unexpectedly and crying “Yay!”

Cheer-Tech made the contraption above, which is called the PX-3600 Computer Video Game. Has a lot of Xbox-esque looking decor, doesn’t it? Except it has 9-pin controller ports, like an Atari 2600. Maybe that’s where the 3600 part comes from — like the “next-gen” of 9-pin. Clever!

 I’d link you to where to buy one, except I am one hundred percent confident that no one I know that reads this website would do anything more than cackle over this oddity. Have I mentioned you get two controllers, but only one vibrates? Anyway, I wasn’t able to tell what cartridges it actually would play, but I think it might be safe to say it could possibly destroy anything you put in it.

[Via Technabob

Colette Bennett