Confused by Badman? Check out this gameplay footage

Apparently, NIS America has heard that people don’t understand the gameplay behind its upcoming PSP title, Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman!, and thought it wise to offer a little bit of demonstration. I can understand that because I didn’t really have any clue at all how the game worked before I tooled around with it on the E3 show floor earlier this month. It’s pretty intuitive once you have your hands on it but that aspect is probably not going to help sell copies.

So, hit the jump and see how the first level of the game plays out. I’ll admit, it isn’t the best video. The resolution makes text hard to read which is probably why they skipped through so much of it in the demonstration. But it does show you how dungeons are built, monster spawning and a heroic demise. 

Does this clarify things for you, or will you have to see next week’s video showing level 2 before grasping it?

Conrad Zimmerman