Confirmed: Wolfenstein will have a Nazi hospital

If you’re down with dingy floors, cadavers, the occult and Nazi surgeons then Raven Software has just the digital place for you in Wolfenstein! Below the fold is your first look at the newly debuted Nazi hospital, uh, level … thing. It’s a teaser, so be prepared for some quick cuts and weird The Saboteur monochrome. We’re guessing the effects are there to make the place seem scarier or something but there’s really no need: wheelchairs, blood and phantom screams already do the trick.

If you’re not down with Wolfenstein, take the time to read our GDC preview. The thing that separates Wolfenstein from the shooter clutter, The Veil, was shown to us at length. The Veil is essentially a set of powers that can be used in multiple ways, including a puzzle-solving device and a gadget to kill Nazi dudes with. It’s nice if you’re into that whole “navigating and using powers from an alternate dimension” thing.


Brad BradNicholson