Confirmed for GamesCon: Kojima, Molyneux

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The Leipzig Games Convention, or GamesCom, is right around the corner, set to kick off on August 19th in Cologne, Germany. Europe’s major videogames trade show is already big, but two major names are on the invite list for this year to make it even bigger.

Metal Gear daddy Hideo Kojima will be there with his buddies from Konami. He’ll be showing off Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, along with other Konami titles like Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and some soccer crap, says CVG. He’ll also be signing autographs while wearing his stylish glasses.

Lionhead will also be in attendance, and we hear that Peter Molyneux will be heading up a press conference for Microsoft. New game announcement or just babbling about new tech? Who knows. Website Gamefront says that an announcement is expected. I wonder what it could be.

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