Component cable support rumored to drop from PS3

If a recent Kotaku tipster is to be believed, Sony plans on removing component cable support in their next PS3 hardware revision in favor of mandatory HDMI for HD playback. The tip comes in the form of a sneaky snapshot of what is claimed to be a Gamestop memo which states “if you want to play a game or watch a movie in high definition you must use a HDMI cable.”

Kotaku offers the recent AACS adopter agreement as potential justification; Ars Technica has since received word from Sony that HDMI is only required for HD Blu-Ray disc playback, and not for HD gaming and streaming content as per AACS standards.

“The new CECH-3000 series PS3 requires HDMI only for BD movie output in HD, in compliance with AACS standards,” Sony told Ars. “PS3 continues to support component output for HD gaming and streaming content.”

Clarifying that this change does not apply to games hardly makes it more acceptable, but it seems to be out of their hands. There are no plans to remove component cable support from current systems, but that doesn’t mean a whole lot, Sony’s been all about system control lately. They’re batting 1000 this year.

Report: Sony to drop PS3 HD support over component cables, require HDMI [Kotaku via Ars Technica]
Sony explains new PS3: HDMI required for HD video only, not games [Ars Technica]

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