Community Time: Here’s the Mr Destructoid tacos you ordered

Thursday’s Thoughts on a Friday

Dave and I put out a call for art last Thursday called “Thursday Thoughts”, and you guys came up with some ideas for us so we didnt have to actually do any of the thinking. Huge thanks to Kimerson for the Mr. Destructoid drawing!

Here’s some gold from the community. Its not to late if you missed it, post yours in the comments below (but keep it PG-13!)

By Mike Martin

What if car insurance is actually health care?

By @felixhergood

Looks like Mr. Destructoid is getting ready WAY in advance for the Holidays.

By @BauzLeBaus

At least they are not charging for the upgrade… I hope.

By @oscmolo

It is quite obvious actually: You need to include batteries.

By Gary Blohowiak

That is so last millennium. Cool kids Dtoid!

By @allyoucangeek

Why would you play a game when you can watch someone play instead? #MoneyToStreamersNotDevelopers

By @TheExcel

The Internet in a nutshell. Pretty much the point of a meme.

By @Hah_Lol_Wtf

Actually, you don’t do either. We live in the matrix. #VirtualReality

By @Arkade_Kalamity

It is all about efficiency. You can get a dog as a pet if you want to save water (please don’t).

By @Hashbro63713992

The existential crisis for Internet newcomers…or likely your parents.

By Jiraya

Switch to what? I guess you can get a Vita, these are really popular.

By CelicaCrazed

Mr. Destructoid will need a hardware upgrade after a decade.

By iam16bit

What is a sandwich anyways? Do hot dogs count as tacos too? (Sorry Dere, you were late.)

By Greenhornet214

As Seymor said, Mike is wrong. But what if Gundams can be waifu too? #LogicParadox #JustWastedOneThursdayThought

Were you missing in our first edition of Thursday Thoughts? Don’t feel blue about that. It is our fault this time around as we gave short notice.

Each week, we will feature the thoughts shared by the community, so feel free to share yours in the comments or as Quick Posts. We are going to make reminders each Wednesday in social media as well.

So once again, feel free to share your idea. It is not because we are lazy, but rather is that YOU ARE THE FEATURE.

And who knows, if we can make this an actual thing we can add specific topics each week as well.

Eric Weichhart