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I used to peruse kickstarter a couple of times per week. I was fascinated by it. I wanted to back something so badly. But I was a poor college student. Everything I wanted to back would cost a lot of money. I needed to find a product t...


Greatest Evil-Roommates

I watched a video yesterday about a guy discussing the horror of living with roommates in college. It occurred to me that this is what I should have written about for this month's prompt. So here is my second attempt at New Year's Evi...


New Year's Evil

I was really inrigued my this month's prompt. I enjoy a good villain. A good hero is nothing without a good villain.  I'm not going to deconstruct the concept of the villain or anything like that. I'd simply like to mention a few ...


Thanksgiving Hosting Report

Dear friends, I have officially hosted Thanksgiving for the first time in my life. It was difficult, and stressful. But it turned out really well! I made the cranberry sauce and some chicken stock on saturday. For the cranberry sauce, ...


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