Commonly missed enemies for Finishing Touches Hogwarts Legacy achievement

Don’t miss out on the Finishing Touches achievement/trophy

Hogwarts Legacy has several demanding achievements/trophies, one of which is “Finishing Touches.” The description sounds simple enough (Use Ancient Magic on every enemy in the game), but funnily enough, this is one of the most annoying challenges in the game, as Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t record individual enemy progress (nor does the PSN). Here are several enemies that are really easy to miss, and where to find them.

How to use Ancient Magic on every enemy in the game

Early into the game (when you visit Hogsmeade), you’ll unlock the ability to use Ancient Magic; which is a sort of “super” move that instantly destroys most enemies, and takes a chunk of life off of larger foes. All you need to do is press L1+R1 (LB+RB) once on every enemy in the game to gain progress toward this achievement/trophy. You don’t need to kill said enemy, nor do you need to kill them with Ancient Magic.

The trick is that several enemy types are not readily available in the main storyline, so you’ll need to go off the beaten path. To farm Ancient Magic, you can do infinite combos on Inferius enemies (who are only vulnerable to fire), and grab all of the blue pieces that fly off of them. Keep that meter and move to one of the below foes until the achievement pops.

Regular Mongrel location

Players typically encounter “Dark Mongrels” in most of the game’s world, especially after the point where they’ve acquired Ancient Magic. But “Mongrels” are confusingly rarer.

You can find them in the northeastern portion of the world map, often times at bandit/poacher camps (denoted by tents on the map). Try to search for them further away from the Forbidden Forest on the west, which mostly contains Dark Mongrels.

Forest Troll location

A “Forest Troll” is another enemy type that specifically needs to be hit with Ancient Magic to count. You can find an easily accessible Forest Troll den in the northern part of the game world (exact location in the gallery above).

You can fly in, use Ancient Magic, then fly out if you wish.

Poacher Animagus (and animal form) location

One key thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need to use Ancient Magic on both the Poacher Animagus human form, and the Poacher Animagus animal form. This will ltake two enemies to finish, as one Ancient Magic cast will kill a regular Animagus.

You can find Poacher Animagus enemies in the northern part of the world map: look for camps. Try to focus on the animal form first (because these enemy types can  be finnicky with transforming), then go for the human form.

River Troll location

River Trolls are the other type of commonly-missed troll that you’ll need for the achievement. It was actually the last stop on the list for me, so you may need one too! River Trolls are located (you guessed it) close to bodies of water, and can be found in the far northeast corner of the world map.

With all those locations in tow, getting the achievement/trophy should be a snap!

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