Comments of the Year 32: Just let us start it over again

And we’ll be good

Thus closes another chapter of gaming, with one of the most exciting years of game releases yet. As we think back on the year, we are also remembering how, halfway through, we got Comments of the Week back as a regular feature. It’s been a lot of fun doing this alongside a few like-minded individuals whom I’ve gotten to know a little better as I’ve worked with them.

This week we thought we would do something similar to our Halloween Special; I’ve gathered up all the members of our little family to share their favorite comments of the year, as well as some new ones. So once again, thank you guys for doing this thing with me and thanks a lot Destructoid Community for your immense contribution in making this thing happen. Couldn’t have done it without you lot.

Happy new year!


What is the hardest game you’ve ever played?

FakePlasticTree: The first 30 hours was a tutorial, according to the game, and I’m surprised I made it that far.

Microsoft’s massive backwards compatibility flash sale is live!

FakePlasticTree: Story of my life!

Logging into Overwatch this week will bag you five loot boxes

FakePlasticTree: The new year is off to a good start!

Atlus details an ‘even more erotic’ Catherine: Full Body

FakePlasticTree: Fine, fine, I’ll let it slide this once. Like a block puzzle, if you will.

Bass’ personal picks for 2017 video games in 2017

FakePlasticTree: I have no clever remark to add.

New Shenmue III interview with Yu Suzuki

FakePlasticTree: Yu too?!

New Devil May Cry announced for smartphones in China

FakePlasticTree: It carries a bad omen, like I was once the President of Azerbaijan.

Persona Dancing titles have no Story Mode but will feature ‘character interactions’

FakePlasticTree: You wanted to say that, but you didn’t have enough “common sense.”

Quickpost by Nathan D

FakePlasticTree: No better time to kill some imps.

Quickpost by Gmana

FakePlasticTree: A Jigsaw puzzle has never looked better.

Quickpost by TheLimoMaker

FakePlasticTree: Still waiting for that blog, Freezer-sama!

Quickpost by Czar Kazem

FakePlasticTree: You’re gonna carry all that weight that food will leave.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild themed cooking episode is making me hungry

Gmana: C’mon guys, stop loafing around!

The legendary Pacman Vs. will be a part of the Switch Namco Museum collection

Gmana: What’s this about Wakka?

Epic Games is suing two alleged Fortnite cheats for use of aimbots

Gmana: More like Uwotmate?

Assassin’s Creed: Origins loot boxes won’t have a real money option

Gmana: Ankh you very much for making this job easy.

Quickpost by taterchimp

Gmana: Is this what they call a crowdome?

What constitutes a spoiler?

ooktar: My favorite part of Mario Odyssey is when they revealed that Luigi was actually the dead body on the floor the whole time.

Rumor has it that the next amiibo might be a cereal box

ooktar: Just make sure you clean yourself out before you do, otherwise you’re just gonna wind up being Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs.

Lightning gets new Play Arts Kai figure in January

ooktar: Still too lifelike to match.

Hot Dogs are sandwiches

ooktar: 54% of Switch voters are terrible people.

The official Mega Man cookie jar looks like an urn that contains Dr. Light’s ashes

ooktar: I’m holding out for the limited edition Bass one with the crumb vacuum.

Atlus release details on ‘even more erotic’ Catherine: Full Body

ooktar: All Cat Urine did for me was activate my gag reflex.

Destiny 2 ads are popping up on PS4 Dashboards

ooktar: Side effects of Greatness may include drowsiness, loss of appetite, and an empty wallet.

Quickpost by D-Volt

ooktar: I think that would just make it crumble faster.

Quickpost by TheLimoMaker

ooktar: I don’t have a comment for this. I just felt this needed to be saved for historical purposes.

A Quickpost challenge from Kerrik52

TheLimoMaker: Wes we can.

Luigi, a real cool dude, dabs now

TheLimoMaker: And that, my children, is how we won the war. *closes book*

Review: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

TheLimoMaker: Weesee what happens when you look down on Weegee, wee all see!

Quickpost by EricWeichart

TheLimoMaker: I’m playing Mario Kart every single day I sit in my car.

Nintendo insists that there’s no possession of any kind in Super Mario Odyssey

TheLimoMaker: Don’t worry, it’s not possession, it’s just “puppeteering.” You know…like Pinocchio!

I squeezed a rubber duck to make girls wet in Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash


And that was it for 2017! I know we’ve already gotten safely into the new year, this Comments of the Week being late as it is. But nevertheless, on behalf of the entire team, I wish you all a Happy 2018! Look forward to more COTW, as much as we look forward to making them. Cheers!

And stay safe!

– COTW Team

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