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Hey, yo, what up? It’s Dreamweaver, back with yet another Comments of the Week! That’s right, it’s time to check out all of the hilarious commentary featuring the best community in the entire internet, the fine folks of Rule 34. Oh, wait, I mean Destructoid. I guess we’re cool. I mean, we don’t make porn of anime girls or anything. As always, comments are categorized into three sections:

TRUTH: rubbing the oils found in banana peels on bug bites and poison ivy can help keep it from itching.

LOL: does, does it apply to anything that itches?

WUT?: what if the itching was caused by a banana, if you know what I mean?

If you haven’t seen last week’s edition of Comments of the Week, here’s a link that you should totally click on, because I have absolutely no respect for you and you need to get out of my sight.


From Square Enix is holding a poll asking if you want a NieR edition PS4 console

Dreamweaver: Story of my life. Broke Phi Broke.

From Volcanion Pokemon cards roll out nationally today in the US at GameStop

Dreamweaver: That would make a baby look badass.

From Review: Super Mario Adventures

Dreamweaver: Dang it, Dangus, you let that boy gush about comics in peace!

From We’ll have to wait until mid-2017 for Cuphead

Dreamweaver: Quick, how do you spell “cup”?

From Review: RIGS: Mechanized Combat League

Dreamweaver: Another member of Broke Phi Broke?

From How do you feel about exclusive content for re-released ports?

Dreamweaver: That’s how I felt about Street Fighter x Tekken on Xbox 360.

Dreamweaver: The only exception.

From There’s an $889 PlayStation VR ultimate bundle at GameStop

Dreamweaver: I don’t need VR, I can hallucinate like a boss.

From Rumor: The next Call of Duty will be set in Vietnam

Dreamweaver: That’s a bold claim, let’s see if that works out for him.


From Review: Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location

Dreamweaver: I’d sixter my sister.

From GoNNER is good, GoNNER is out now

Dreamweaver: We’re not mad, just disappointed.

From PewDiePie is playing The Last Guardian right now, jealous?

Dreamweaver: He’s a future lawyer.

Dreamweaver: No one understands white people. They’re a mystery.

From Rise of the Tomb Raider’s VR mode is great for fans, okay for everyone else

Dreamweaver: So this is what people mean by Netflix and chill.

From Here’s what that giant hunk of Pokemon Z-Ring plastic looks like

Dreamweaver: How were you “able to think” that one up? (I’ve been wanting to use this pun for so long!)

From Star Citizen’s single-player campaign won’t make it out this year

Dreamweaver: If only someone gave them a warning to Steven’s true nature.

From Friday the 13th pushed back to 2017, but adding a story campaign

Dreamweaver: That’s okay, you’re not alone.

We all realized you’re an idiot.

From Alex Trebek savages nerdcore ‘loser’ on Jeopardy

Dreamweaver: I would’ve went with “More like Alex TreWRECKED” myself, but that’s why I’m the host.


From Comics publisher gives away Mass Effect’s release date

Dreamweaver: I told him to do it, so I can feature it. So don’t thank him, thank me.

From Nomura on future titles: PS4 Pro support for Kingdom Hearts, no ATB in FFVII Remake

Dreamweaver: How is that a trinity? That’s more of a straight line.

From Battlefield 1 has a playable pigeon sequence

Dreamweaver: Only if love can bloom on the battlefield.

From Summer Lesson has an erotic copycat called VR Kanojo

Dreamweaver: He makes a very compelling argument.

From JuIc3’s Quickpost

Dreamweaver: Then who is it for?

From Review: Shadow Warrior 2

Dreamweaver: I can tell you what website we’re not on.

And that’s it for this edition, folks! If I missed anything comment down below, and don’t forget that you can always give your boy a heads-up on which comments you think should be featured. Just because I have an all-seeing eye doesn’t mean I ain’t using it to gawk at gorgeous gals.

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