Comments of the Week 72 – Die… Die… DIE…

100% the real deal

Welcome back everyone to yet another edition of Comments of the Week! This is the best community showcase in the whole entire internet because it’s the only community showcase to feature comments from fellow Dtoiders, such as yourselves! Well, there’s probably a Chinese knock-off somewhere, but this is 100% the real deal. For all of you guys who missed out on checking out the funniest things said around the website, or simply want to relive all of the weirdest jokes all over again because you refuse to move on in your life, then this is for you. As always, comments are placed into three toppings:

TRUTH: Americans eat more bananas than any other fruit.

LOL: I would’ve guessed tomatoes.

WUT?: Because the only time I eat fruit are the ones on hamburgers and pizzas.

If you haven’t checked out last week’s Comments of the Week, then you’re clearly not cool enough to keep up and therefore must miss out. Yeah, sucks to be you, doesn’t it?

Nah, just kidding, check it out right here.


From Moon Hunters strikes PS4 on July 12

Dreamweaver: I’ll wait for the spin-off, “Poon Hunting”.

From Nintendo renames Pikachu in Hong Kong, fans take to the streets

Dreamweaver: I bet to them, seeing that many people crowd the streets was just another Tuesday.

Dreamweaver: The Persona series are pretty legit though.

From Sony’s E3 conference is returning to theaters

Dreamweaver: What girls rate me. 🙁

From Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 6 features big names from the community

Dreamweaver: Give that man a raise!

From Fans are keeping the amiibo community alive with charts like this

Dreamweaver: I am suddenly very fearful for my prostate…

Dreamweaver: Bethesda in the business.

From Oh, of course there are nude mods for Stardew Valley

Dreamweaver: I feel sorry for all of blind boobies lovers.

From Overwatch’s BC-101 error has been fixed… hopefully

Dreamweaver: Mayobe sounds like a brand of low-fat mayonaise.

Like “maybe it’s Mayobe.”

From APB Reloaded just won’t die, is back on Xbox One with massive microtransactions

Dreamweaver: “How the fuck do they get away with calling $100 a microtransaction?”

By marketing them to rich white people?


From Sonic Runners is running out of time

Dreamweaver: What Canadians call athlete from Kenya.

From Oxenfree’s getting free DLC, PS4 version out today

Dreamweaver: More like “Oxenfree DLC”, am I right?

Of course I am.

From ‘The Way’ is a flashback to simpler times when everything wanted to kill you

Dreamweaver: We also would’ve accepted “ten seconds ago.”

From Sociopathic gamer’s death threats just aren’t what they used to be (Fauxclusive)

Dreamweaver: But that’s so bad for the environment.

Dreamweaver: Needs no context, really.

From What does Watch Dogs 2 need to do differently?

Dreamweaver: Let’s compromise. “Watch 2 Sleeping Dogs.”

From Pokemon Sun & Moon details more information on the ‘Alola Region’

Dreamweaver: What women say about guys who suck in bed.

Dreamweaver: Sr Churros got the churros.

And it’s sugary.

From s XSEED the best localizer around?

Dreamweaver: XSEED your way out of here.

From Capcom on SFV: ‘we will continue to put quality of the product above all else’

Dreamweaver: They probably would’ve but they wanted the game out by Evo.

From Where did these Dead Island Definitive trailer quotes come from?

Dreamweaver: Someone works for Dead Island’s PR department.

Dreamweaver: Chris Carter, no!


From BEGIN TRANSMISSION: Pro or anti-dick flap?

Dreamweaver: Hey,at least you get to see female boobs anytime you like!

From Review: The Banner Saga 2

Dreamweaver: I am also angry about his penis size.

From Review: Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

Dreamweaver: Where am I on the list?

Or do I transcend all of that?

From You can link your accounts to import Steam games into

Dreamweaver: Definitely sex.

From Check out the floor plans for E3 2016 that include a porn company

Dreamweaver: Look at the bushes on that deck!

From Nintendo will actually be showing more at E3 than Zelda

Dreamweaver: Replace “sarcasm” with any woman’s name and you have my high school mantra.

From jak2364’s Quickpost

Dreamweaver: Are you selling it then?

Dreamweaver: These aren’t the hairy mans I’m looking for.

From Zero Time Dilemma’s creator likes to joke about being a failure in bed

Dreamweaver: Been there.

Dreamweaver: Wait, so I’m actually WORSE than all of the premature, tiny dicked losers?

Dreamweaver: …There’s paper in the cookies?

And that’s it for this edition, folks! Did you have a good time? Then we obviously didn’t sleep together!

As always, comment down below what were your favorite comments, and don’t forget to hit me up with anything I might’ve missed.