Comments of the Week 65: The Pre-Holiday Chills

We’re all in a holidaze

Hey there folks. ooktar here again for another edition of Comments of the Week. I hope you Dtoiders have been staying warm cause it’s been cold as fuck outside. Now, though, you have a reason to stay inside for a bit and read.

So warm up some cocoa, snuggle by the fire, and check out some hot new comments.

ooktar: Telltale will remember that.


ooktar: People are just gonna have to get close to their Pokémon the old fashioned way…..on Newgrounds.

ooktar: You’re listening to The Hawk Squawk with Tony Hawk, Chad Muska, and Spyro the Dragon.

ooktar: A Big Circle of Emotions.

ooktar: My favorite part of Ninja Gaiden was the horse track.

ooktar: You mean to tell me the 1,200 hours I put into this game was pointless?

ooktar: That shot is making something rise………….I’m talking about boners….. penis.

ooktar: You’d think with all the angry twelve-year-olds playing Siege that he would’ve made at least one friend out of them.

ooktar: If playing Katamari is gay then I’m the biggest Katamari Queen of all.

ooktar: Hold on to your butts…..cause they might get deleted accidentally.

ooktar: All you had to do was ring the damn bells, CJ.

ooktar: This is actually a picture of my family shopping at the mall.

booktar: I think he’s too far gone at this point.

ooktar: Apple Bottom Jeans, Casket with the Fur. She got the whole church looking at her.

ooktar: Was the drummer the girlfriend?

ooktar: I will never have good nights again after seeing this.

ooktar: Waluigi saw it coming.

ooktar: Man, thanks for spoiling the ending of Metal Gear Solid for me.

That’s it for this week, folks. Hope that kept you nice and cozy for a short bit. Now don’t forget your jackets when you go back outside, and of course be sure to come back next week for another edition.