Comments of the Week 51: Delayed. Delayed! DELAYED!!!

Or maybe it was just a mistake on Amazon’s behalf again…

Hey there everyone. It’s ooktar, bringing you a fresh round of Comments of the Week. We’ve gained some great members to our team at COTW. WilfoftheBlues, Goofierbrute, and Xeo all made their debuts the last few weeks and I’m stoked to have them all on the team.

For now though, you get to watch me screw it all up again.

ooktar: It’s hard to pull things like that out of your ass if you haven’t pooped yet.

ooktar: My second cousin told me that there’s a part in it where you have to dissect Slippy.


 ooktar: He’s back, baby.

ooktar: ‘ave you tried ‘olding ‘ands?

ooktar: It’s okay, I have to remind myself every morning when I wake up that EA owns the Star Wars rights, then I want to go right back to bed.

ooktar: Quick Draw Mcgraw’s super attack is he turns into El Kabong.

[Photo credit: Gabrielle Cooke Cosplay]

ooktar: You do me proud boy, *sniff*, you do me proud.

ooktar: I read that as Battle Veal and I pictured a bunch of calves with helmets on.



 ooktar: Ugh… fine, here you go.

ooktar: That sounds exactly like something Randy Pitchford would think up.

ooktar: House Party has come a long way in Early Access.

ooktar: My friends and I would do 8 vs. 8 in Tekken and we would do a shot every time we lost a match. It took very few matches before everyone was done playing.

ooktar: Then we can watch all the other publishers try and copy it.

ooktar: I have nothing witty for this. I just think it’s a great story.

ooktar: Cursed time ruining the good memes.

ooktar: Yeah, Devolver is basically the best publisher ever.

ooktar: Bro, your Meme skill is on Newb levels.

ooktar: A similar thing happened to me and Barry Bonds. Needless to say, he got what he had coming.

ooktar: Nah, you should just give it to me. I collect them.


ooktar: Gawrsh Boi! You’re not ready to go see Powerline.

ooktar: Back in my day, there weren’t angry birds. We just flipped the bird.

ooktar: Willem Dafoe is Willem Dafoe starring Willem Dafoe.

ooktar: Deadmoon is actually Kevin’s Chaturbate handle.

ooktar: I hate Gods… and Mondays.

ooktar: Bringing new meaning to the term “Hot Rod.”

ooktar: You can roller skate, ice skate, skate board…I think that’s about all you can do with skate.

That’s it for this week. Hopefully you didn’t mind going back to tradition after our nice little mix the past few weeks. If you did mind, well tough shit because FakePlasticTree is back next week. As always, let us know about any comments we missed and we’ll see you next time.