Comments of the Week 39: Post Hoc, Ergo, Proper Hoc

A Cold, Cold Man

Winter is almost over here and thank God, for I do not know how much longer I cam bare this cold (I say as those in Scotland, Canada, Greenland, Sweden etc. all laugh heartily).

Though the weather may be stereotypically English, that won’t stop me from doing the thing that I’m here for… that being bringing you the best comments of the last week. Let’s get to it.

SteamWorld Dig 2 coming to Nintendo 3DS next week

TheLimoMaker: These jokes have hit rock bottom.

Can Star Wars just… stop? For a little bit?

TheLimoMaker: You know what…that would still be better than Solo.

Mega Man X design document further explains the Zero and Dr. Wily connection

TheLimoMaker: I am slowly running out of puns.

New Kingdom Hearts III screenshots give a detailed look at Goofy’s monstrous eyes

TheLimoMaker: Meesa in Monsters Inc? Gawrsh!

Fear Effect Sedna will be releasing in March

TheLimoMaker: Never forget.

Moss looks like an adventure worth taking

TheLimoMaker: I hate the one-liners, but they always make me smile.

Rainbow Six Siege’s Outbreak mode has five types of monsters

TheLimoMaker: Sorry, didn’t mean to give it to you, too.

Review: Dynasty Warriors 9

TheLimoMaker: Dynasty Warriors Nein Nein Nein.

We’re making some hats: Which one should we make?

TheLimoMaker: He’s almost as white as Wes.

Zack Snyder may have actually been fired from Justice League

TheLimoMaker: Relatable.

Sea of Thieves might get microtransactions, but it’ll ‘never’ host loot boxes

TheLimoMaker: Thanks, Rare.

Rumor: Spyro trilogy remaster heading to PS4 this year

 TheLimoMaker: I’m just happy Spyro will get another chance to shine.

Review: Bayonetta (Switch)

TheLimoMaker: You have some balls to harass Nekro. Maybe… some Dragon Ballz.

THQ Nordic acquires Saints Row publisher Koch Media

TheLimoMaker: So many Kochs.

This Switch arcade cabinet looks cramped, but neat as a showpiece

TheLimoMaker: I’m nothing if not a trier.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is still truckin’ with a new multiplayer patch

TheLimoMaker: That is the face of regret and of something unloved by its developer.

The Bug Fables demo took me 17 years to the past

TheLimoMaker: Kat makes me smile more than my child does.

There’s a game called PC Building Simulator and that’s the only way you’ll see a reasonably-priced GPU

TheLimoMaker: I don’t understand.

Final Ready Player One trailer sure has a lot of stuff going on

TheLimoMaker: Unfortunately, I’m always player five – that is, left out and unable to join in.

50 Shades: Porn afraid to be porn

TheLimoMaker: What a lovely pussy cat.

Heel-turn: Kain’s Legacy

TheLimoMaker: I didn’t think he did anything wrong..?

Broly and Bardock coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ

TheLimoMaker: Lord Freeza is the greatest fighter, I’ll have you know.

TheLimoMaker: What’s a cuck?

TheLimoMaker: That’s a low bar in terms of puns.

TheLimoMaker: I’m so hot right now.

TheLimoMaker: Please do.

TheLimoMaker: It will always be a dream, man.

TheLimoMaker: A catgirl I can get behind.

TheLimoMaker: The only Valentine’s card that matters.

TheLimoMaker: Never have I seen a man this happy.

TheLimoMaker: I wish assassination was this easy.

TheLimoMaker: The type of spam I can get behind.

TheLimoMaker: This is something that should be a criminal offence.

TheLimoMaker: One day I will not feature your one-liners…

TheLimoMaker: …but that one was good.

TheLimoMaker: Praise be unto him.

And that’s it, folks.

Apologies this is a day late. I had almost all of this ready to go on Sunday but an issue at home sprang up so travelling home at 11 pm for an hour and a half was a fun time. Please forgive me, senpai.

Join us this coming week for our newest member making his debut. Until then, stay beautiful.